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Welcome to The Avatars of Redemption

Something to put here soon

~*~Avatar N E W S~*~

5/2/02 The First Place clan tonight: The Avatars of Redemption with Reaver and Falamir the last two Standing.

Congrats to Rona on Stalker Good Job!

Please see KoS page

~*~Avatar Clan Rules~*~

Rule #1 No PKing, unless provoked, i.e. robbed, attacked first, etc.

Rule #2 Help protect your clan if you are of able level, assist with One a Days,
Blesses, Enchants and whatever else may arrise.

Rule #3 Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Rule #4 Have fun, its a game lol! Act Crazy. ( From Lucas_Knight: ef From Fwap: FwAp!)

~*~Please check the drop down list for any information~*~