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Character Races

You may select from eight different races, each with itís own unique abilities
and attributes.


Humans are the easiest and most well rounded characters, and do well for any class.


While not as strong as the average human, Elves are often more intelligent and
wise. A slender, graceful folk, Elves do well as spellcasters and clerics, and
the more agile ones can make good theives.


Half-Orcs are generally not the brightest beings in the world and are terrible
with magic, making them poor spellcasters. On the other hand, Half-Orcs possess
great strength and endurance, making them great for fighter roles, such as warriors
and barbarians.


More intelligent and wise than the average human, Half-Elves are not quite as
intelligent than elves, although they tend to be stronger. A well rounded race,
suitable for most any class.


Strong and stout, Dwarves make excellent warriors, although they can be weak as
spellcasters. Stronger and more hardy than an average human, but not generally
very agile.


Even more agile and intelligent than Elves, Gnomes make great druids, spellcasters,
or even theives. They tend to be a small folk (about 3 feet tall), and with low
endurance, but their small size and high agility make them difficult targets to hit!


Almost as smart and agile as gnomes, but hardier and better fighters. Halflings
make great thieves and druids.


Not the brightest or most attractive of races, but agile and hardy. Goblins make
excellent thieves.


Saurians are large reptile humanoids that resemble a large upright walking lizard.
These lizard warriors are extremely strong, and incredibly swift and agile. They
are not extremely intelligent and tend to make better fighters than mages.

Dark Elves:

Not as friendly as their surface dwelling cousins, Dark Elves are a dark and
cunning race that live in immense underground cities. They are well versed in
ancient magics and make well rounded characters in just about any class.